'Fast food' and 'convenience meals'.

North Americans, both in the United States and Canada eat a lot of fast and convenience foods.

Fast foods are things like hamburgers, pizza, doughnuts and sandwiches that are purchased from a variety of shops. Some examples . . .

Many Canadians will actually call into fast food outlets and collect food for breakfast on their way to work, or make the journey to one of these stores and eat breakfast there. This is particularly popular at the weekend.

'To say' means to 'eat in', 'to go' means 'to take away'

Many fast food outlets have 'drive thru' lanes. This means you can drive in, order your food at an order point, then join the queue (line up) of vehicles that are waiting, then collect your order from a window, all without getting out of your car or truck. A typical Canadian might purchase a coffee and muffin for breakfast, then eat it either on the way to work or after arriving at work. All the vehicles are equipped with cup holders in both the front and back. Drinks are served in cups that have press-on lids with a small hole or straw so they don't spill

When ordering in a fast food establishment the terms used are different to europe, 'to say' means to 'eat in', 'to go' means 'to take away'. If you don't use those words then you will be stared at by someone who just doesn't understand what you are asking for!