How to use the delay timer on an automatic breadmaker

General instructions for using an automatic breadmaker are provided elsewhere on this site.

Delay timer guide

The delay timer on breadmakers lets you leave the breadmaker ready to start so that the bread will be ready at some time in the future, that means you can wake up to freshly-cooked bread, or come in after work etc to find the bread still warm and ready to slice.

Most bread making machines have a delay timer, and most of them work in this way, however, you need to test yours if you don't have the instructions, just to be certain that it does work like this.

Setting the delay time

breadmaker control panelFirst select the program that you are going to run, for example Basic. In this example you can see 3:00 which is 3 hours and 00 minutes.

When do you want the bread to finish cooking?

Let's say you want the bread to finish cooking at 7:30 am so it's ready when you get up.

How many hours and minutes is it until 7:30 am?

Let's say it's 9:30 pm now, you are setting the machine up before going to bed later. From 9:30 pm today until 7:30 am is 10 hours.

What you do now is press the Delay Timer buttons, delay timer buttons on breadmaker

the button on the left, the UP arrow increases the time and the one on the right, the DOWN arrow reduces the time. Using these buttons adjust the time shown in the window until it shows 10:00.

Now press the Start / Stop button once to begin the delay.

How the delay works

The program takes 3:00 hours to make the bread, you want the bread ready in 10:00 hours, so the machine will delay for 7:00 hours then start the program so your bread will be ready at the appropriate time. You don't have to work out how long the delay is, just how many hours it is from now until the time you want the program to finish. This works for any of the programs regardless of how long they take.

How to test your timer quickly

Set up your breadmaker, then press the Delay Timer button to increase the delay by just 10 minutes. Now start the program by pressing the Start / Stop button. You will only have to wait 10 minutes and then the program should start. If it doesn't then you know that your machine has a different way of setting the delay.