Landed immigrant or permanent resident?

New immigrants to Canada who had satisfied the entry requirements used to be called 'Landed immigrants', this term is no longer used.

The system used now is that immigrants who have satisfied the entry requirements are granted 'Permanent Residence' in Canada.

The process starts when you apply for a visa to enter Canada and live and work there. You provide a large amount of documentation for checking by the authorities, and if successful you will be granted a visa to enter Canada as a permanent resident. The visa will be fixed inside your passport, so you will need to send you passport to the Canadian embassy that is dealing with your application.

At the point that you enter Canada (airport, seaport or land border crossing) you present your visa at the officials who will then photograph you and give you temporary documentation to prove that you are now a permanent resident. You will need an address in Canada because a special permanent residence card will be sent to you. This is a plastic card the same size as a credit card, it contains your photograph and personal details. You need to take good care of this card because it is your right to re-enter Canada. If you do not have your permanent residence card and need to travel back to Canada you can obtain temporary documentation that will enable you to enter Canada but you will have to pay $50 ca for it.

permanent residence card image thumbnailPermanent residence cards have built-in security featues that make them very difficult to copy. They also have the holder's details stored on them in encrypted (coded) form so that the details can only be read by properly authorised officials.

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Image source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Your permanent residence card will have the same expiry date as your passport from your native country. So it is in your interest to apply for Canadian citizenship as soon as possible.