Geographical facts about Canada

Space - and lots of it!

Wherever you go in Canada there is a lot of empty space.

Some statistics will help to compare Canada and the UK.



Area 241,590 sq km
9,093,507 sq. km
(excluding freshwater areas).
(mid 2005)
Population density (people / sq km)

Putting that into words - Canada is 38 times as big as the whole of Great Britain (the United Kingdom).

Canada has just over half the population of Great Britain (the United Kingdom).

Canada's population density is 71 times less than Great Britain (the United Kingdom).

Two of Canada's provinces, British Columbia and Ontario are each 4 times as large as Great Britain (the United Kingdom).

It's no surprise that Canada seems uncrowded, there are roughly half the people and they are spread out over a land mass that is simply huge - and that excludes the areas of freshwater that Canada contains.

Canada is the second largest country in the world, spanning five and a half time zones, so when it's noon on the west coast it's already 5.30 pm on the west coast. It takes roughly five and a half hours to fly from one side of the country to the other.

For someone who lived in the UK until their late 50s before moving to Canada the differences are stunning. The distance comparisons are strange too. You can drive for hours at the speed limit on absolutely straight roads with cruise control engaged, generally averaging around 100 km an hour. You can expect to drive from Edmonton to Jasper (370 km) in less than 4 hours. Compare that with Manchester to Bristol along the M6 in the UK.